8 Duplex housing, Axa (Rome), 1976-1979

It is a project developed in 1976 and realized in 78/79.

It's located on a plot of land between Via Sofocle e Via Tespi in a booming area during those years.

It's the first post graduating project of Claudio Di Luzio for Dielle Real Estate Contracts Srl, a family firm that has made ​​a lot of villas in that area.

The difficulty of the project was to devise a plot of land in a rectangular shape, with eight duplex apartments, four of which are accessed from Via Sofocle and four from Via Tespi, each with its own garden and parking space.

Through a study of a system of internal and external stairs, of basements and attics, the project was composed of homogeneous housing, and a total independence as if each were a single detached house.

It can be said in a slogan, 8-in-1 detached villas.

The architecture reflects the precise needs of the client, so that the roofs and chimneys, were the trademark of DIELLE throughout the area.

The only changes were the standard colors, first in shades of green, and then in shades of brown, light brown, cream and dark brown.

In the project there are a series of round elements on the facade and particularly in the attics.

But there are also a variety of plans offset from each balconies, attics, chimneys, which makes the scale executive non-trivial.

It's also interesting to note from the drawings, like the preliminary project has a detail similar to a project executive.

This was the result of a collaboration between the customer and the designer, in view of a more reliable realization. In fact, if we compare the design with the built there is a real adherence to the plan, which is often not found in the building industry, where during a yard of medium size, are often changes during construction.

In this case this was not done. Precisely because detail projected in a preliminary way.