48 Social housing, Sabaudia (LT), 1988

This building project provided for the construction of housing for the members of Cooperative "Arca" and "Hawk.

According to the regulatory guidance the local plan, housing had to be divided into 2 separate buildings, consisting of 12 units for each lot, for a total of 48 units.

Each building consists of 4 floors: pilotis floor,three floors for residential use and the top floor for general services.

The whole architecture is influenzed by materials, construction elements and colors of the area: finished concrete, round pilotis pillars, pitched roof, exposed brickwork.

Furthermore, the distribution of housing has been designed according to the needs of each user, members of the cooperative.

On the ground floor are located the common areas. Instead, on the three floor were obtained 4 apartment for each floor. The floor area for each apartment is about 95 mq.

The internal distribution of accommodation consisted of:

entrance, living-dining room with veranda, kitchen, 2 storage closet, 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets and 2 balconies.

In the attic, there are 2 washing-drying common areas and the elevator technical room.

The finishing of the building are:

- External decorative elements are realized with laths brick and travertine/peperino stone;

- The flooring of the ground floor are in gres tiles, those of the hallway, stairs and landings slabs are in Trani marble stone, while the apartments flooring are in solid color tiles. Instead, the finishing of the bathrooms and the kitchens are in soft color ceramic tiles.

The external project includes: parks and trails and outdoor parking.