Police station, Public Works Department of Genova, Castelnuovo Magra (SP), 1990

The project of Police Station of Castelnuovo di Magra (La Spezia), was carried out according to some design criteria that consider mainly three features: location of the area, the mixed building type (office and housing) , the choice of volumes and construction materials.

The plot has a width of about 1600 square meters, is flat, rhombus shaped.

The police station has been designed considering 4 fundamental areas: operational area, logistics area, service area, housing area.

The criteria for the distribution of these areas has been to join them together with the exclusion of the area of housing. The apartment stairs are the only contact with all the other areas.

The element of complexity of this project, is the need to unify in one building both the station and the apartments.

The architectural design of the Police Station of Castelnuovo Magra is therefore a search for balance between the station and the apartments.

The key elements of the architectural balance of the Station are the stairs.

There are two types of stairs. The first is round shaped and finished concrete. The second one is shaped and covered in bricks.

The first one is positioned to the south in the operational area, the second one is located to the north in the apartments area.

The station is characterized by emerging volumes from to the principal one.

In fact, the zone of the building which includes the operational area and the area of housing, corresponds to the central part.

However, there is another part, which includes mainly the logistics area, projected as a lower volume.

A further feature of this volume is the different finished (serena stone) than the other walls of the station.

The choice of serena stone is due to: its durability, the easy availability in the surrounding areas and its color.

The rest of the station is mainly brick finished, with the exception of those plastered parts on the prospect of the apartments area.

Particular attention was given to the choice of the flooring for the outside area. The project foresees the use of porphyry for the walkways and for basement flooring.