Competition of ideas for the reconstruction of Friuli, 1977

The project provide a solution to the problems of building, after the dramatic event of the earthquake in Friuli.

The visuals, want to emphasize the main aspects of the traditions of Friuli.

The landscapes show an irregular evolution of the rural countries.

The residential module is the result of the aggregation of terraced housing bordering on one hand to the road and the other hand to inner courtyards.

In this way, the road assumes the role of linking the urban environment and the facades of the buildings.

The working team proposes a concept idea in respect of traditions: on one hand the relationship between module, road, country. Regarding the interior layout of the modules, is based on a coherent organization with the typical ways of life of the people of Friuli.

Based on of results obtained from the analysis of the urban structure, we propose two different types of housing: terraced and court housing.

The relationship between the full and empty, the proportions between the facades and roofs of the buildings, the slopes of the roofs, the openings of square, rectangular and round, to which are added covered passages, as an invitation for courtyards, are all "words" in the existing urban language. Once these elements are articulated correctly reproduce "sentences" by the precise meanings.