National Competition for the design of a Park-Show ("Arboretum") of ornamental plants, Municipality of Pistoia, 1979

The aim of the competition was to create an exhibition of essences cultivated in the nurseries of Pistoia, to promote the knowledge and the study of these essences.

In addition, it was also important to provide the city and the territory a large park for recreational purposes.

The requests were that the park had to extend over about half of the whole area (about 44 acres) in the remaining part was necessary to design an equipped park with sports equipment, car parks and a group of flats for cultural activities.

The planning was carried out in collaboration with the design team SOCOPER of Viterbo.

It was identified a modular element called UTPA (type units equipped park) with 4 basic elements that alternate within the UTPA: V-green, S-break, G-games, A-water.

The scenic route over the river Ombrone characterizes the park and links the the various types identified.

The core building designed within the park is characterized by a roof structure in modular prefabricated wood and steel.

Additional details of the project was a ruler botanist, which identifies through the characteristics of the foliage, the leaves of the trees, of heights, of the fruit, etc. the plants on display.