9 Public housing, Capodimonte (VT), 1980

Nine terraced public housing were realized at 200 meters from Lake Bolsena.

Capodimonte is within a series of projects located in Viterbo area. These projects were born as professional experience with a group of friends: Roberto Bennati and Maria Fanti.

The expansion area was a flat area with planimetric and volumetric project with an "L" layout already approved by the Municipality.

It's a participatory planning by users, for example: nine housing for nine members; the choice of some basic colors for the iron painted parts; the choice of the interior layout and local materials.

The key elements of the accommodation houses are the external stairs in finished concrete and the solution open on the corner of the two bodies of the "L".

The project is contemporary with Grotte di S.Stefano, the Competition of Friuli, the housing of AXA and Casal Palocco in Rome.

It can be seen from several choices: the study of the local character of the area is clear from the choice of the types of terraced housing; the pitched roof; the containment of the roof of the seven side; finally, the use of brick and finished concrete.