Public housing, Viterbo, 1977-1982

It's a project developed together with Socoper of Viterbo, which later became Consorzio Casa Tuscia.

The local plan 167 assigned to the cooperative, provided a planimetric and volumetric project with cross-shaped buildings. The design consists of a central core of stairs around which are developed housing.

Here is importante the study of the type of accommodation, three per floor, each with two double bedrooms and 1 single bedroom, flexible in their use, depending on the needs of customers.

It is a "participated" design with nine families who could choose within some design limitations, the interior layout.

The aesthetic result is influenced by a plan necessarily in line with other buildings of subsidized housing cooperatives. This has led to a not equal level of creativity like the other projects of the 80s.

The preliminary design approved corresponds almost entirely with the realization. This was made possible through a careful preliminary study. The main feature is the existence of the roof, instead of the common terrace, as required by the assignees.