3 Row houses, Grotte S.Stefano (VT), 1977

In this project, are highlighted the trends common to the other projects of the late 70's early 80's.

Pitched roofs content on the sides, which are derived from the construction experiences in the yards of those years and well received by users. The principle was to design always the roof where possible, trying to avoid the terrace as roof for maintenance problems.

Reinforced concrete stairs: great durability and comfort in the construction site, with the wear of time that still creates a visual aspect of the environment inhabited and lived.

Chimneys and flues as a sign of the use of steel material also colored the same way as the railings.

The square is the geometric element that is proposed in the elevation in different ways, from the window to the railing.

The use of brick on the facade local material, it's well accepted by the customer and it's in harmony with the surrounding area.

The project is pencil drawn also as graphics solution submitted to the client.