Enlargement of the Main Distribution Center ETI , Bari, 2001

The project concerned the transformation, the adaptation and the new office building of Ente Tabacchi Italiani factory, located in the industrial area of Bari.

The project had to pay attention to the several laws in relation to trade and storage of tobacco and a thorough study of the internal paths for a new distribution.

The fundamental changes of this building complex were:

- The divestment of the manufacturing activity;

- The adaptation of existing facilities to depositary functions;

- Demolition of the outbuildings to create a new service area for loading and unloading goods by road.

In particular, within the factory of Bari was necessary build two new types storage, one called MDC (Main Distribution Center), for the storage and transit of tobacco for South Middle Italy and one called MTP (Main Transfer Point) for the storage and transit of tobacco for regional consumption.

The project included the following categories of intervention:

- Construction of a enclosure to delimit the intervention area, made on the basis of the passage of emergency vehicles of the Fire Department.

- Demolition and reclamation of some buildings, destined to technical rooms, useful to the realization of the service area for loading and unloading of trucks.

- Realization of a service area for transit and parking of trucks during loading / unloading of goods;

- Implementation of a new building of two floors for offices and staff and technical rooms on the roof;

- Construction of new guardhouse to control the entry of goods in transit;

- Realization of plans for load trucks with roofing;

- Realization of a new roofing to connect warehouses and storage;

- Internal changes to deposits, in compliance with fire safety regulations;

- Adaptation to the needs of new storage of the tank fire;

- Construction of new technical areas for the storage.